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2012 Recap

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It’s that time of year again.. time to update my portfolio! This past year has been pretty exciting for me as I’ve gained skills in four major areas:

The first area is javascript. I’ve been assigned to projects heavy with functionality and effects, giving me the opportunity to practice writing javascript and jquery, and having LOTS of fun with it all the while. The feeling of writing a script, testing it, and seeing it run successfully after the first (or third) try is just so cool! My company sent me to the Bocoup Roost in Boston in November, which was equally inspiring and over my head. Nonetheless I left wanting to learn more, and since then I’ve been spending lots of time at Codecademy.com practicing their programming lessons. This year I really hope to hone in on writing and understanding raw javascript, so that next year I can call myself a real programmer.

The second is tech lead/management. On two very large scale projects (Heartland and Smartbear) I was assigned as the front end tech lead. I led teams of 4-5 front end developers, and my responsibilities included: creating an organized structure and process for the entire front end portion of the site, creating standards to be used from start to finish, breaking up potions of the site to assign as tasks for each developer, reviewing my teams work and creating QA tickets when necessary, and communicating frequently with the project manager to make sure the whole team is on the same page. I am a bit of a control/organizational freak by nature, so this new role was very enjoyable and exciting to me. It was a great feeling to see both sites launch smoothly, and to feel like I was a part of that success. I hope to lead more projects this year.

The third is SASS. All I have to say about SASS is it has changed my life and I will NEVER not use sass for a project. SASS allows me to write super minimal, super organized, and super clean styles.. and that makes me a very happy developer.

The fourth is Responsive Development. I was involved in a large scale project (Heartland Payment Systems) that consisted of a main corporate site and dozens of branching subsites. Each site needed to be responsive, but my team was not provided with mobile designs. So, we used our best judgement to make the sites scale nicely and appropriately. We did this by developing for ‘mobile first’ and using lots of percentages for widths. We used media queries and appropriate breakpoints (no more than 3 or 4 per site), to adjust styles as necessary as the display grew from mobile phone, to tablet, and finally to full desktop viewing. The results were sites that scaled beautifully, no matter what device you were viewing it in. This project was a great experience for learning to develop responsively, and I was pumped to have learned how simple it was.

My 2012 projects have been added in the ‘web development’ section of my portfolio. I’m excited to see what this year brings, and pumped learn more javascript, css3 techniques, and whatever other new things come along in 2013. Yay web development!!

Spinning Flowers

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Finally an update after almost a year.. whoops! I’ve added all of the site’s I’ve worked on at Atom in the past year – check them out in my portfolio.

I’ve learned so much in the past year working on these sites, and I feel so much more confident as a developer these days. Each project has presented me with opportunities to improve my jQuery skills as well as learn some basic Javascript, which I am very thankful for because I’ve been dying to get my foot in the door of programming, and so far I think I’m doing okay! I’ve also had opportunities to experiment with some CSS3 action – gradients, text shadows, and border raidus’.. all oh so fun!

Speaking of css3, today I experimented with transitions and managed to get a cool spinny effect on my logo when you hover the header. I’m so blown away at how cool the result is, and can’t believe that it’s ALL css, no javascript!! I’m warning you now – within the next few days my entire site MIGHT be one huge awesome css3 animation..

New website!

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Hello! As you have probably noticed, I am in the midst of re-vamping my portfolio website (formerly heathersdesign.com). I will now focus on displaying my web development work, as I no longer primarily design. Each project I complete at the company I work for, The Atom Group, will be displayed on the portfolio page, so I can track the progression of my skills in web development. Also I’ll be blogging from time to time.. not sure what about yet.. probably mostly web stuff with the occasional cute kitten/puppy youtube video. I hope you enjoy viewing my work!